love at first taste


Carefully selected raw materials and craftsmanship are two precious distinctive elements that make the Andria’s Dairy "Genuine goodness" standing for its absolute quality, unique taste and healthy food. The use of raw milk in the first place, preserving the flavours and characteristics of animal food, ensures our delicacies a unique and unmistakable taste, impossible to achieve with pasteurized milk that is commonly used, which is  heat-treated so to  flatten the taste. The crystallized and purified salt and the natural rennet of a certificates veal, without microbial or enzymatic,  allow us to get a healthy and natural product, while ensuring a perfect coagulation, with extraordinary spinning and rib. The cream without thickeners or additives makes the Stracciatella and Burrata really genuine: these are the flagships of the dairy, delicious goodness so as to lick your chops. The natural Beachwood chips guarantee a natural,  light and delicate on tasting smoking. It does not matter if this process is much slower than the employment, widely distributed in other realities , such as the use of liquid smoke.

The same principle for the decision to focus on manual skills. The Perina’s family, in fact, decided to keep  two factories: the old workshop, where time seems to stand still, the work is all craft and they produce limited quantities for retailers,  and the Andria’s factory , more industrial , however if you keep a high craft prevalence for “burrata” , “ nodini” ( knots) , “stracciatella” and “ scamorza” (smoked cheese), completely handmade, as evidenced by the forms not always equal and regular.

So while nowadays everyone thinks about how to maximize the volumes in the shortest time with the aid of machinery, the Perina’s family, despite this is leading to higher costs,  does not conform to the mass and so continues to preserve traditional methods and rituals in order to preserve the authenticity and exclusivity of products, able to delight the most demanding tastes. In the mansion "Genuine goodness" a trained staff strives day and night to ensure that at dawn the delights reach the shops and the boards of Puglia.

Striving for excellence in terms of organoleptic quality, taste and health is a fundamental objective in the mission of the Andria’s Dairy "Genuine Goodness", not surprisingly a company leader in the dairy industry, with a history of successes. Excellence which also passes through repeated and careful quality controls of raw materials, during the several manufacturing steps and to the finished product. Without neglecting the importance of the Customer Satisfaction: the Perina’s family is always ready to clients’ suggestions and requests and, from time to time, ask them to analyze and evaluate the popularity of their products.